Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Burn the midnight oil: Waffle iron draw know

Six in him on her and we...
Jell-O mold!
but in try was some ran a...
it's brown not full
the play may walk
the me and white it's...
Bowling Ball!

see kind the about
see got it's had be
of in very a right
try stop not find

Chia-pet may frumpy!
to or Jell-O mold try Jell-O mold
but my on could, ate or how all
be wash, see Loaf !

has see tell the clean be.
cut a many but fall a was
and but or round see these

a Fluffy in use!
the four not once may...

because in have see do some be
may will but were the Spiffy!


a fly.

see. bring not.


spamily dickinson said...

AKA: Song for M. Doughty to sing.

12:10 PM  

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